Flight Instructor Airplane Practical Test Standards FAA


Published: February 27th 2015

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Flight Instructor Airplane Practical Test Standards  by  FAA

Flight Instructor Airplane Practical Test Standards by FAA
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The Flight Standards Service of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has developed this practical test as the standard to be used by examiners1 when conducting flight instructor airplane practical tests. Instructors are expected to address all of the elements contained in this practical test standard (PTS) when preparing applicants for practical tests.

Applicants should be familiar with this PTS and refer to these standards during their training.The Objective lists the elements that must be satisfactorily performed to demonstrate competency in a Task. The Objective includes:Specifically what the applicant should be able to do.Conditions under which the Task is to be performed.Acceptable performance standards.The examiner determines that the applicant meets the Task Objective through the demonstration of competency in all elements of knowledge and/or skill unless otherwise noted.

The Objectives of Tasks in certain Areas of Operation, such as Fundamentals of Instructing and Technical Subjects, include only knowledge elements. Objectives of Tasks in Areas of Operation that include elements of skill, as well as knowledge, also include common errors, which the applicant must be able to describe, recognize, analyze, and correct.The Objective of a Task that involves pilot skill consists of four parts. The four parts include determination that the applicant exhibits:Instructional knowledge of the elements of a Task (accomplished through descriptions, explanations, and simulated instruction).Instructional knowledge of common errors related to a Task, including their recognition, analysis, and correction.The ability to demonstrate and simultaneously explain the key elements of a Task at the Commercial Pilot skill level2.The ability to analyze and correct common errors related to a Task.

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